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Difficulty choosing A-levels? VetMed?

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    I have currently applied to study biology, chemistry, history and psychology at sixth form but now think I have made a terrible decision. After a lot of thought and work experience I realised that VetMed is what I definetly want to do. I know how competitive it is and I worry that not doing Maths/Physics will disadvantage me. I cant really change my courses as I have already changed once and feel terrible doing it again!

    Physics would be out of the equation- I am useless at the formulas (despite somehow getting an A* at GCSE!) and it doesn't interest me in the slightest.

    I'm good at Maths- just not amazing.

    What should I do? The 6th form is very competitive so the classes will probably be full and make it hard for me to change . Could self-teaching be an option???

    If anyone has experience of being successful for VetMed but with only 2 sciences- your feedback would be very useful.
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    (Original post by emzing2396)
    I'm not sure about vet med, however I know for medicine it doesn't matter what you pick as 3rd and 4th as long as you have chem and bio. Unless it's for a certain uni requirement like Cambridge, etc.

    I would say not to worry about it, don't choose an A-level subject over something you enjoy because you think it will be better.
    Remember, Universities would rather see AAAA in Bio, Chem, Media Studio and English than AACC in Bio, Chem, Physics and Maths.

    Check out university requirements for Vet med, and if they don't specify that you HAVE to take physics and maths on top of Chem + Bio then don't take it.
    I'm sure a lot of people have been successful for vetmed with only 2 sciences. I have met a lot of doctors and medical students who only did 2 sciences, some had Music and Geography as their 3rd and 4th. Although, again, i'm not sure how similar/dissimilar requirements are between Med and Vetmed. So your best bet would be to check requirements.

    My advice in a nutshell: If it's not on the requirements, don't pick it because you think it would be better. Pick the subjects you enjoy as these are the ones you will do best in. They will appreciate it more that you have interests other than the sciences and it will show you're a well rounded applicant.
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    Isn't this about the sixth time you've decided you 'definitely want to do' something. Plenty of good advice has been given in your previous threads.
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    Don't choose a subject you don't like/aren't good at, i made that mistake with physics (trying to please them) and will be lucky getting a D..
    They much prefer you to do well in a subject than choose something you will get a much lower grade at and as you have bio and chemistry it's only cambridge who you won't be able to apply to (although different colleges have different requirements so i may be wrong).

    Your current options are very good and show depth of study, don't worry about it, loaads of people only do two sciences and still get offers, it's getting the grades in the first place which counts! don't make my mistake, i spent this year hating physics and college; september can't come soon enough!


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