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Should I revise on the day of the exam or not?

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    Would you revise on the day of the exam when it's like 3 hours away or leave it. Also, I have prepared extensively for it already, I just don't know if I should revise to feel like I'm doing something for it or whether all the writing will put me off the subject mood in the exam. I'm panicking like crazy at the moment!
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    I would personally leave it. Take the time to relax to yourself, compose your thoughts. No point worrying yourself more than that is already needed!
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    Just read over your notes before you go in. Otherwise, relax.
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    Well thank god your not like those people who say they revise on the day of the exam cos most of them lie.
    Any ways don't revise too much on the day of the exam. I would say half an hour.
    Overall just relax.
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    Okay, thank you that seems like a good idea.
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    I love cramming so I make a key things sheet with the most important things I have to memorise that I go over on the day of the exam - quotes, formula etc.
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    Oh that's excellent, I pre-made a last minute revision sheet with all key details on so I'll probably go over that. Thanks everyone
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    idont know everyone has there own way of calming them self down. I personally revise till i enter the examination room. it puts alot of material in my short term memory, so i dont need to go digging in my long term memory.
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    If you feel prepared, just read through your notes an hour or so before and leave it at that. If you don't think you're prepared then do some revision, but not too much - be wary about burning out etc.
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    (Original post by MarshmallowBob)
    idont know everyone has there own way of calming them self down. I personally revise till i enter the examination room. it puts alot of material in my short term memory, so i dont need to go digging in my long term memory.
    Yeah, it's good to read through your notes, keep em fresh. People who revise for months before hand and have the info solid in their head don't need to bother, those who cram it all in one week do.
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    Ashamed to say that all my motivation died this year and I found myself cramming in the hours before the exam. Whether it's worked or not is uncertain, I'll have to wait for results day. Personally I wouldn't recommend it unless you feel you need to, it's better to relax, eat some cheesecake, watch a film, etc, etc.
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    done do any pastpapers or any kind of questions, they wont help you at all

    just lightly go through all the notes so everything's refreshed and you can recall them quicker during the exam
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    Use the time to relax

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Updated: June 16, 2012
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