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Studying two languages at A level?

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    Would a university accept two languages and one "subject"? eg, Spanish, Japanese and Business?

    Or would they prefer someone with one language and two subjects?
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    depends on which uni you choose, I don't think the middle range unis would be so much interested in your subject combination, but for the top unis, to what I've researched, they like somebody having 2 "traditional" subjects + 1"non-traditional" subject. Your choice is ideal as it have 2 traditional subjects which are Spanish and Japanese and 1 non which is Business but, I would reckon replace one of those languages by sth like Mathematics which is almost a must for every course, another thing is that.....will you be able to manage to learn 2 different languages to high standard cuz for me that is very hard.
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    (Original post by porcelainwhite)
    Would a university accept two languages and one "subject"? eg, Spanish, Japanese and Business?

    Or would they prefer someone with one language and two subjects?
    Last time I checked, languages were still subjects.

    In all seriousness, doing two languages is always an advantage - unless of course, you're doing a subject (eg Medicine), which specifies and favours those who study other subjects, in which case, you wouldn't be able to do 2 languages.

    If you like it - go for it! In any case, the only universities that 'care' about 'non-traditional' subjects, like business, normally stipulate that as long as you're only doing 1 of such subjects, you'll be fine.

    So go for what you enjoy doing!
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    Doing two languages is very very good as the work you have to cope with, especially languages you havent studied, is massive, well I mean if you want to get an exceptional grade...BUT the subject combination above lacks of quantitative subject. Im not sure whether they focus on the traditional or non or whatever but balancing between quantitative and qualitative subjects is always indispensable so, maybe you can go for 4 subjects: 2 languages, business and math or physics or chemistry and so on.
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    I've just finished my Japanese A2 and I've got my final French A2 exam on Tuesday and honestly I can say that doing 2 languages has been brilliant. It's extremely hard work and you'll probably find yourself doing MFL homework every day to make it stick (especially if you're doing 2) so be prepared to sacrifice more evening time than those who don't take languages. The fact that they're so different does stop mix ups and MFLs are all considered hard, rigorous, academic subjects - wherever you're applying 2 languages will be seen positively, so I'd say go for it .
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    I'm taking German, French, Latin and Classics - because I have always wanted to work with languages (a degree in German) and may possibly end up wanting to do Classics instead because I enjoy it just as much. How do those subjects work out?

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Updated: June 15, 2012
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