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How many pull ups can you do?

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  • View Poll Results: How many deadhang palms facing away pull ups can you do?
    1,2 or 3
    15- 19
    20 - 30
    More than 30

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    10- 15, perhaps 20 depending on my energy levels, before a workout maybe about 20, after a workout when tired about 10 -1 5 or less
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    2 or 3
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    1 or 2 but I am overweight so it figures.
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    Always 1 more than the person who can do the most in this thread
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    In my peak I could hit almost thirty. Several months of wine-inspired insulation later, I'd be lucky to hit half of that.
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    Like this?

    I do 10 of those with an extra 5kg weight. I'm 82kg. Close grip, I have no idea how many. Don't bother doing them anymore.
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    Used to do 3x10.

    Doubt I'd be able to do 3x5 nowadays, haven't attempted a pull-up in a long time.

    I always laugh when I see people do this:

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    (Original post by polerina)
    About 5 - I'm a girl!
    That's really good! Jealous lol.
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    (Original post by Tabris)
    Used to do 3x10.

    Doubt I'd be able to do 3x5 nowadays, haven't attempted a pull-up in a long time.

    I always laugh when I see people do this:

    omg that woman at the front actually looks to be practicing doing the deed!
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    It depends if I'm in a constant state of indoor climbing i can do about 15 but the minute i step outside to Trad I lose it all and can only 2 within a few weeks.
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    I once was able to do about 10. Now I struggle to do 1...
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    Just had a go and managed to do eight before dropping. Narrow grip though, I find the wider grip much harder.
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    PB is 10.

    Generally just do heavy chins for <5 reps now though.


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Updated: June 16, 2012
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