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Right person but wrong timing- Anybody else get this?

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    I'm wondering whether many other people have met someone who was so 'right' for them but at the wrong time. For instance, moving from school to college or to different universities etc... So for circumstances out of your control you can not be with that person.

    I seem to have very bad luck with this, always meeting the right people but always at the wrong time.
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    Actually yes.

    My first girlfriend, an Aussie from Perth who I met in an orchestra. Lasted a year, but she had to move back to Perth with her parents (aged 17).

    Tried the long-distance thing, but neither of us had the money to see each other, so it fizzled out.

    Was a shame, going very well.

    Yep- just before we were leaving uni for the summer.

    Yes, now . It's currently fine, he's just got back from uni (it didn't take long for us to visit each other even when he was there), I've almost finished my A2 exams and so we get loads of time together during the summer
    It's just in September, I'm so scared about what's going to happen. Before it was only like an hour trip to see each other, but I'm going to uni too so we'll be ~4 hours away. I'm just worried that what with train prices and stuff we won't be able to see each other much and things may break apart
    Weird that I was always the person who called long distance relationships stupid then started going out with the most wonderful guy without realising that's what it'll soon be
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    If they were the right person and you were the right person for them, there wouldn't be any excuses.
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    Yes... So frustrating
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    Always happens, fracking frustrating.
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    Well... I suppose you could say this happened to me..

    I met my boyfriend while I was studying abroad 3000 miles away and we only started dating 5 months before I had to go home (we knew each other before though, since the start of my year abroad) so... I guess you can see it as "right person, wrong time"

    But.. regardless of the situation we kept it going and are still together a year later. So... I think sometimes it is worth just going for it, even if it seems like an impossible situation because you never know!


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Updated: June 14, 2012
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