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BY4 WJEC- Nerves

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    (Original post by jordanelouise)
    I didn't have a clue about this question either so I guessed and said the white matter is myelinated and they grey matter isn't :L do you think I'll get a mark?!

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    You're probably right, it's got something to do with it being myelinated. It was worth two marks so you will probably get one from that as you didn't fully explain the grey matter.

    I didn't get any marks for that lol!

    (Original post by jordanelouise)
    For the essay I mentioned about the difference in sizes in the efferent and afferent arterioles causing an increase in hydrostatic pressure allowing ultrafiltration, the basement membrane/podocyes, microvilli on the convoluted proximal tubule giving large surface area and the extensive blood supply around it, all about the loop of henle and counter current mechanism and that the collecting ducts and distal convoluted tubule were controlled my hormones to allow either hypertonic or hypotonic urine was produced. I also mentioned the vasa recta and drew and labelled the diagram of the nephron! I just basically wrote everything about the kidney!!
    I basically put the same.. Just went on about each part and about it's function, how the blood supply helped with the function. Nice one on the vasa recta! Completely forgot about that!

    I drew each part separately under a heading I think - I used all of the space because I just wrote everything I possibly could.
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    Anyone have the paper and mark scheme for this exam? (June 2012)


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Updated: December 11, 2012
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