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Don't You Hate It When You Meet Someone...

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    And the classic situation unfolds - swap numbers, text each other, talk about what you like, etc. and you quickly realise how disingenuous they are? Seriously, in the last year two girls I've done this with I've quickly realised they were just trying to agree with me even when they didn't. For instance, saying they are into bands, etc. that I am into when they're clearly not.

    I'm not conceited or arrogant or anything, but it's just stupid. I'd never do that with a girl... ever... Surely if you don't have stuff in common it just means you're probably not compatible. Lying or pretending won't give you anything in common...

    Anyone else ever felt this?
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    Or you could look at it as they like you enough to pretend and try to impress you. Some people get nervous when talking to people they like and talk a lot of bul****. It either takes a brave person or someone who doesn't give too much of a **** to completely slate a potential date's opinions.
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    It is annoying when this happens but I agree with the person above in that they might just say they like a certain band etc because they want to impress you and they like you?
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    Yeah, I get why people do it, but what I mean is, why bother lying? If you don't really have anything in common pretending you do isn't gonna change a thing tbh.
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    Na I set guys straight to if I like things or not. No point saying you like something just for months/years later it come back and bite you.

    Also I don't understand why people make out that they have 'everything' in commen with each other. When I meet a guy I don't want us to have everything 100% in common..
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    maybe if they like you they want the date to go smoothly.
    I once went on a date with a guy (although i suspect i was rebounding from a relationship that never happened) anyway, we had nothing in common, the conversation was boring and it was so slow and tedious trying to find some common ground that i just ended up getting drunk on a jug of sangria.
    He was a nice guy, but it was a tedious disaster.
    maybe they were trying to prevent this from happening, or that you will like them more if you think you have things in common.
    although i do agree, if you don't have these in common, if they lie on the date, you will only find out later, so although they were trying to make the date go smooth, if is doesn't without them trying, maybe its telling them something...


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Updated: June 14, 2012
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