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Hello, how many exams do u guys Have? :)

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    This exam season I've had 2 already (Edexcel Physics Unit 1 and AQA Psychology Unit 3) and have 2 left to go (Edexcel Physics Unit 5 and Edexcel Biology Unit 5).

    The first 2 went quite well but so nervous about the next 2 :/ it's scary how every single mark counts now!!
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    (Original post by CHEM_sucks)
    By the way, anyone doing Alevel Chemistry? I'm telling you now, it sucks!! HAHAHA!! Hence my name.. :P
    i am! used to like it.. then i sat my unit 4 chem exam last week, and i officially hate chemistry!
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    had 3, one left, no retakes
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    6 down 3 to go
    ..and these last 3 will be the death of me -_____-
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    I've done 6, just one more left.
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    I had 6 too!! 2 to go.. CHEM5 and BIO5

    I liked chemistry a lot!! But I got a U in chem4 in jan life was literally over lol.

    Kittt, did u do the AQA CHEM4 on the 13th? If so, I probably did the same paper as you. Although I thought it was a decent paper, to be honest.
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    I've got one to go, then i'm free from education
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    Hello, M4LLY, which exam is it? and luckyy you. :P
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    Had 4, finished yesterday!! It feels so good to be free at last!!!

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    I've done 4 out of 6 of my A2 exams . Can't wait for next Tuesday when I will have finished sixth form! Good luck for your exams.
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    Good luck to you too! A2 exams are hard.. Especially when you have essay questions!:'(

    But best wishes to everyone!


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