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    Hey everyone, or maybe I should say 'dobry wieczór'

    Basically I noticed there is no thread on the Polish language (if there is point me in the right direction!) and I thought it would be nice to maybe talk to others in my situation or native speakers of the language so we can improve our knowledge and ask any questions.

    My situation is one in that I have been learning Polish for 2 years now because I have a Polish boyfriend while I myself am english (yes I'm a very devoted girlfriend!) and this summer I am going with him for the first time to his home town of Bydgoszcz to meet his extended family. Scary, seeing as they don't speak much English! But I'm a quick learner and even though as it has been exam time and Polish has taken a back seat, now that I'm more free I would really like to develop my knowledge.

    And become less shy.. I'm quite self-conscious about making mistakes and as Polish is hard I make loads :P

    But anyway, is there anyone out there that would like to talk or ask questions in either language? Jak się masz?

    (NB: I do know more than the basics so don't be scared to write anything complicated-ish)


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