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Do girls like smart boys over looks?

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    I wouldn't say I'd go for a *smart* guy who was less good looking as such, but I would go for a guy who seemed more dedicated and motivated who was less good looking. Attitude is a massive thing for me, not intelligence per say.
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    I think a lot guys think they are smarter than they are and they think they are uglier than they are.

    And girls do not like intelligent guys really. They like guys who are easy to communicate with. This ease of communication is often confused with being intelligent. You could have a phenominally smart guy, but he cannot hold a conversation, he will be unattractive.

    Infact, I bet every guy a girl likes, the girl thinks the guy is "intelligent".

    This misleading notion in a girls mind, leads them to think they find objectively intelligent guys attractive, when in reality they consider the people who they like as intelligent (whether they really are or not).
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    (Original post by kat91s)
    Err... why?!
    He has down syndrome.
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    (Original post by Dark Horse)
    Tbh, intelligence doesn't really get you far with the girls.

    Looks and social status is where the power actually is. If you wanna call it that.
    In the words of Metallica, "sad but true".
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    I would prefer smart guys to looks. But they have to have some looks for people to notice them first. however, if you're really smart, people will actually notice you.
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    (Original post by Holby_fanatic)
    The same one as you.

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my GT-S5360
    i can see babz


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