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macbook pro with student discount

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    I wanted to know if I were to buy a macbook pro with student discount is it worth getting the applecare for £48. I tried googling it and the general consensus is that applecare is worth it. However, I did find a few people saying there's a contract between NUS and apple where you get 36 months warranty without applecare, is that true? Seems a bit farfetched to me

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    I got Apple Care throw in for free when I bought mine but I spend an awful lot of money on the 17in so it may of been included in the price. But it is worth it. I had an issue with mine, called up and spoke to a very helpful customer service rep who had another model ordered exactly the same spec as mine to be shipped from China.
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    If you're buying online, it's not worth it because you get the 3 year warranty HE contract which provides the same 3 year hardware coverage as Applecare.

    The only benefits for your £48 would be you get 2 years extra (instead of the one year) phone support and it's international coverage. However, the latter point is disputed as I have heard of cases of people who have moved abroad having the HE 3 year contract honoured.

    If you're going to buy in-store. Absolutely get it because the 3 year HE contract isn't provided in store sadly.
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    PVisitors is correct, you will get a free 3 year hardware warranty included in the student price. However this is only for HE students and not for FE.


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