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Bye Bye Free Speech?

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    Basically a girl was banned by her council for taking photo's of her school dinner and basically writing about them and how she felt about them.

    Now the council have banned her from talking about them. I for one thing this is a blatant violation of free speech within this country, what right does a council have to stop a girl from simply writing a blog about how she feels. There is nothing remotely offensive about her reviews and I think this is a step too far. Where will this end next? No more blogging about the state of the school system because the local council don't want to be criticised? No wonder this country is circling the drain, what absolute ****e!
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    Let us be clear, the idea that we have freedom of speech in this country is a fallacy.

    You DO NOT have the right to say what you want when you want.

    Should this girl have been banned from taking photos? of course not.
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    I'd like to see them waste their time on enforcing a ban on me talking about how bad their food is.
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    Not many people value freedom of speech here. It doesnt exist here anyway.

    Look at muambas abuser, racist tram lady and the guy who spoke out against British troops. All of them got in varying degrees of trouble and more worring than that, a lot of people think they should get harsh punishments for what they did.

    What will happen if she violates this ban by the way?
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    (Original post by muddywaters51)
    What will happen if she violates this ban by the way?
    She'd get sent home from school probably. Or just have her camera confiscated.

    But the council overturned the decision anyway. I think they realised the negative press they got from the poor quality food pales in comparison to the negative press they got from banning taking pictures of it.
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    My first thoughts were: what 9 year old has a camera/cameraphone that they would take to school?

    The point isn't free speech, it is taking pictures in a school. You need permissions for it.
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    That 2/10 'meal'... damn.
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    It's been overturned.
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    Oh, the irony of people having an entirely unrestrained, angry and hyperbolic discussion about how their country has no free speech. An oldie, but a real classic.
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    (Original post by Chumbaniya)
    Oh, the irony of people having an entirely unrestrained, angry and hyperbolic discussion about how their country has no free speech. An oldie, but a real classic.
    You keep talking like that and I'll report you to the internet censor police!
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    Yeah, I wrote a letter to the council basically stating that I think their behavouir was disgraceful. As did thousands of others making the ban overturned, whatever **** thumbed me down is a ****. Fact of the matter is that people made the Government overturn their attempts to limit free speech and we must continue on this path. Why thumb me down I have no idea.


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