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Folk Song

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    Old Susan sits spinning
    Her lycra-mix yarn
    Her cat on her head
    And her cow in the barn
    'tis many a year since her son
    Went away for to fight for the King
    'gainst the Frenchies they say


    And it's pull the wool
    Turn the wheel
    Let the yarn grow
    By distaff and spindle
    The euro must go

    Her husband is drunk in
    The spinney all day
    He drinks all his cider
    But there's bills to pay
    The bailiffs are waiting
    His farm to distrain
    But still he is singing
    This jolly refrain:


    Old Susan is scratching
    A card she has found
    In the depths of her apron
    She once paid a pound
    The distaff has tumbled
    As Old Susan screams
    We've just one a million
    On Las Vegas Dreams !!


    And soon all the family
    Is gathered around
    The debts are all paid off
    The finances sound
    And now comes a knock
    At the old wooden door
    And a fine soldier son
    Has come back home once more


    **to be sung to the tune of "I had a wheelbarrow"


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