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What do you normally pick truth or dare?

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    whats the weirdest dare you have ever had/done?
    whats the funniest?
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    Put condoms in random people's shopping trolley's.
    Throw skittles at people in front of you telling them to taste the rainbow.
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    I didn't manage it, but was dared to catch a sheep from the next door field. As a forfeit for the rest of the evening I was the sheep.
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    my friend set fire to his fart (whilst naked) and it shot up and burnt his ass and he couldnt sit down for days.

    It wasnt really a proper dare- just didnt think anything would happen!!
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    pull my pants down and run down the street

    or lay in the middle of a road till a car comes and not move, if it hadn't stopped I would be so dead
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    Prefer dares usually.

    Though in all the versions I've played, we normally use a stack of cards and whoever gets a Jack will be the one doing the truth or dare and the person who gets the King chooses what it would be.
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    I usually pick truth because I'm a wuss. Not that I've played truth or dare in about a decade though.
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    Wish you had put up a poll
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    I would always choose dare !

    And the craziest thing i have done is pretending like a cop and scaring a few teenagers !
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    I always pick truth. No big deal.
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    I had to put a whipped cream bikini on a boy once, he was laughing his head off bless him.


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