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AQA Media Studies MEST3 Exam 15th June

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    Based on a few threads leading up to the exam I don't know how many people on TSR took the paper this morning but thought i'd start a thread to find out of how everybody found it?

    I thought section A was really good as in my class we spent some time working on a case study on vampires + twilight! Section B was ok, I did new media and managed to fit my case study of social media to question 6 about innovative media and managed to link this to the q.

    But yeah, what did you think?
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    i found section A quite hard, we were told it would definately be a representation question and obviously it wasnt! But it could of been worse.

    I did a new media question too but the last one and wasnt sure if i was talking about the right thing! Think it went pretty well tho!
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    I didn't like section A!

    But I thought question 6 for new media was really good
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    I didn't like section A either. I was expecting the first question to be on representation and was shocked when it asked about enigma codes! I chose question 5 for representation in section B but thought most of the questions were good
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    I didn't like Section A at all But I'm much more confident about Section B, I chose question 4 which was a nice one
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    Hey everyone! So glad that other people found section A difficult. I definately thought it was supposed to be on representation. Hopefully theyll lower the grade boundaries if they realise everyone found it difficult. Ive never seen twilight in my life and didnt think the question went very well with the trailers but hey! Found question 3 abit odd and usually have so much time because im a quick writer but felt i had to use so much thinking time that I didnt write as much as I usually would have. Really think ive messed up section A which is annoying as I need an A to get into uni! Question 2 was good I thought I spoke about loads of different media products, most people in my class made the mistake of just talking about media texts but im sure i underlined it and checked that it said products? So that I could discuss youtube for minority groups etc. was happy when I saw section B, Q4. Found myself repeating the theorist Hall though.
    Good luck everyone getting your results, anyone got Eng lit on Wednesday?

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    Yeah was definitely expecting representation but had luckily done quite a bit of revision of Barthes' enigma so went ok!

    Guess we will see in August. Yeah I have eng lit on Wednesday, last exam, can't wait to get it over with!
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    I've got sociology tuesday and english wednesday, actually really nervous, has anyone found any useful online materials or past questions etc online? Any tips for english revision? God nearly all over!
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    I've got a French exam on Tuesday and then English Lit on Wednesday - last exam!! A bit worried about A03 other readers' interpretations etc for the OCR exam and the fact it's closed text again :L We'll see though..


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