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regretting only taking 3 A-levels

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    (Original post by aWildPidgey)
    That is possibly the worst combination of subjects ever
    WOW. Thanks for your fantastic input. Good job it's not you then. Have a nice night.
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    (Original post by hopingtobeadentist)
    Thanks! But is it more like writing creatively? Like suppose for 6 marker biology, you have to write specific points, is it the same for sociology?
    I'd say it's more creative as you don't have to write specific points per say like in biology, you just have to answer the quesion with an answer that makes sense which may not be on the spec... if you know what i mean.
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    my friend was in the EXACT situation except she got an E in the jan exams and then a U overall for biology!! and after a mini interview thing with the 2 heads of sixthform they came to an idea that she'd be picking an AS course to do and she also chose to do general studies... and from september i think shes either goiung to home study and come in for the exams or she's allowed to come in for the year just for that A2 subject lessons and so she'd have 3 Alevels and general studies qualifications at the end of it yeah you've gotta put the effort in and she had a good reason and so they allowed her that option (considering my sixthform is really strict-.- lol) and so yeh dw ive got my biology unit 5 exam next friday OML just done my re-sit for biology unit 4 cus i didnt really put the effort in in Jan and got an E despite being predicted an B LOL :P .. A2 is much harder so be prepared and organised and study as you go along as this helps bring understanding to psychololgy and sociology exams (which i also do) lol okay il shhh now :L.. goodluck hun!! xx PS: i dont think you should start the whole year again, you could re-sit and pick up an AS - discuss this with the head x
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    (Original post by Becca94)
    I'd say it's more creative as you don't have to write specific points per say like in biology, you just have to answer the quesion with an answer that makes sense which may not be on the spec... if you know what i mean.
    Ohh yeh, so basically like history etc.


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Updated: June 16, 2012
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