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What's Further Maths A Level like?

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    (Original post by tiny hobbit)
    How do people go about digging out these ancient threads?
    lol thanks to google
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    (Original post by kozo)
    As did the year 7 work when you were in primary school.
    As did the GCSE work when you were in year 8/9
    As did A level when you did GCSE

    Maths, in the main, is simply adapting to new challenges. I personally feel that too many students say "Further Maths is no jump" after they have done S1 and FP1 in the first half of year 12.

    Make no mistake the 2's/3's modules, regardless of board, are designed to be harder. Its all about whether you have (i) The ability (ii) The work ethic/desire (iii) time and (iv) resources/support to make it worth it.

    I find some of the content so rewarding yet if a student doesnt have the 4 elements above it can be a waste of an A level of a case of obtaining a lower grade than you could have in another subject.

    IMO gaining a D or lower in AS or A2 Further Maths is a good enough reason not to take it.
    This is so true and now I've read this, I am more confident in taking on further maths next year!!! (September 2016)

    Thank you!
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    (Original post by raheem94)
    I don't completely agree with you.

    (i) Ability
    Do A-Level content really needs ability? :confused:
    Most of the questions are straight forward questions, these don't require ability. Ability is more tested in STEP questions.

    (ii) work ethic/desire
    This is the most important thing.

    (iii) time
    If you have the desire then you can do it in less time as well, most of the units can be completely self-studied in less than 10 days.

    (iv) resources
    I feel the book is more than enough for preparation for A-Level maths/further maths.
    I also agree with you.


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