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T03 - EU Carbon Tax Treaty

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  • View Poll Results: Should this treaty be ratified by this House?
    As many are of the opinion, Aye
    On the contrary, No

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    (Original post by JPKC)
    I accidentally voted no, can my vote be changed to an 'aye'?

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    It wasn't an accident, it was your conscience, deep down you know this is wrong...

    For the reasons I voted no at national level, im voting no at international, despite seeing potential in a better economic climate (even in TSR land there is still economic crisis in the EU)
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    (Original post by Maddog Jones)
    I've voted no. I agree this is a workable idea, but it's the wrong time for Europe to implement this. It signals to markets that they're not taking the Eurozone crisis seriously, and it'd be hard for businesses to take another cut in their profits right now.

    I'd support this measure in a boom time though, when businesses can adjust to it in more favourable circumstances.
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    The aye's have it! The aye's have it!
Updated: June 21, 2012
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