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Strange alcohol tolerance

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    I've always assumed I was some kind of uber-lightweight however I recently started drinking beer regularly,

    Since then I've noticed that I can drink a lot of beer, around 7/8 pints with a few shots of other stuff in between, and not even feel particularly drunk, and also feel fresh the next morning.

    However the minute I touch a small glass of vodka or even just a shot I start spewing everywhere.

    Is this pretty normal?
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    Are you tall?

    I've noticed taller people don't get drunk that fast and my best friend who has drank pretty heavily for 5 the last years, hasn't got a hangover not even once - Sounds impossible but its true.
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    Yeah, some people react vastly differently to different types of alcohol. Particularly if you are mixing your drinks.

    Personally, wine gets me very drunk very quickly (not a good kind of drunk) and gives me a hangover in the morning. Vodka gets me good, happy drunk, keeps me up all night feeling crap when I get home (a night-time hangover, pretty much) but after I finally get to sleep I wake up in the morning feeling awesome. Vodka is therefore my drink of choice, even though I know I'm going to pay for it when I get home
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    I think it's the same for quite a few people. For me, drinks like beer/cider/lager etc will affect me quickly. Wine is the worst - I feel tipsy after a glass. Vodka gets me drunk but only after quite a few. As for drinks like Malibu, they don't make any difference at all.

    I know a few people like you, they can drink beer after beer after beer but as soon as they touch vodka, they are wasted.
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    It's fairly normal to have different tolerances for things - tequila is horrific for me. I can drink pints of cider, or loads of vodka, and I'll be fine. Add one or two shots of cider, and I'm so drunk I can't even see (as I found out at my work's Christmas do - very embarrassing!)
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    I don't get hangovers anymore even If I drink alot
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    Its not that weird, I can drink **** loads but when I touch rum I'm out of it.


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Updated: June 16, 2012
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