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Core Science Aqa Multiple Choice - Struggling! DESPERATE...

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    I'm new here As my thread title suggests, I'm having major traumas' trying to get an A* for my science resits.
    Apologies for the lack of detail here, but I have overall an A which I think I've managed to scrape. There are 6 modules (hoping to find someone who finds this familiar) and I have A's in a few and I think 2 or 3 High B's.....
    I really struggle with the core multiple choice questions on all fronts, I find additional much easier :confused: Anyway the exam is on the 22nd, and I'm having a complete melt down as I'm scoring High B's or A's in my modules. I'm told I basically need A* in almost all the modules to get one overall. High A *'s too I think. Forgot to add, I'm resitting all 6.
    Desperately need help on all these fronts, is anyone kind enough to advise how to get an A* please. What do I need to revise?
    As Current I'm using the CGP core science guide, and then the corresponding workbook to consolidate my knowledge, but it obviously isn't effective. I find Biology easy, and I struggle a little with Chemistry, but having revised it and looking at the past papers I am totally clueless, barely getting a B....
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    Anyone, I'm quite impatient? (you've probably noticed). I'll give this a little nudge to the top, is this the relevant section ?
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    Just do all the questions you can find relating to your topics, test yourself e.g. flashcards or picking out a key word and then using that to explain the whole topic and make sure you do EVERY past paper!
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    Reelberg83, Thanks for the advice; Thats almost at current what I've been doing with the flashcards especially, I suppose I should comb over the past papers though
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    I don't think past papers are that important yet at this stage yet. Make sure you've covered a bit of everything using your revision txtbk. Then do your past papers otherwise you'd be tempted to just look at the past paper answers and not actually learn much!
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    hi im in year 11 and also resitting core on the 22nd but only doing biology 1a...i want to use bbc bitesize to revise but it is giving me two options "pre-2011 course" or "2011 onwards course" im not sure which one it is? :/ can anyone help me?


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Updated: June 19, 2012
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