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Hull Uni- Adult Nursing Sept 2012

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    Just wondered if anybody on here is starting an adult nursing course at Hull Uni in September. Thought i might talk to a few friendly folk before i start
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    I start the course in September too. Where are you living?
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    Im living at home because i only live about 12 miles from Hull and i dont want the huge accomodation fee's, im 22 aswell and feel abit old for student halls
    How about you?
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    I'm 19 and going to be living in Taylor Court cause I live near Newcastle and don't know Hull very well at all lol. Is it your first time at Uni to?
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    Haha nope! Im officially an old hand at this game!
    I did a sociology and criminology degree in 2008, started in Manchester, came home after my first year and continued my studies in Hull. Should have just ended it in Manchester cause i hated it. But i guess we live and learn.
    Have since worked in a care home for a few years and worked out what im good at, so very excited to do this
    I still feel 19 haha! Are you excited? I dont know what to expect at all!:cool:
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    Ano I have no idea what to expect too. Bit of mixed feelings at the moment but I'm sure I'll be more excited the closer it gets lol. Well since you've been to Hull already you'll know all the best places to go to as a student . I haven't had much work experience as such but when I was younger I cared for my mam, realised I i oddly enjoyed it and decided to become a nurse lol. Did you like Hull as a University then?
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    Hey am doing children's nursing starting in September xx

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    Haha, i am Hull born and bred, so i know pretty everywhere! But i do know how scary it is as i moved to Manchester to do my first year in my previous degree and i was cacking myself! Dont worry, were very friendly
    Have you had your bursary information through yet? Im still waiting. Have had my medical and that but just wondered if everybody is still waiting for the financial crap aswell as me?
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    I havent got my bursary info yet. I dont think you get till they have all your qualifications certificates and that.
    What kind of medical did you get lol? I dont think I've even had that yet ha.
    Well if everyone in Hull is as friendly as people I've met so far things should be good lol.
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    (Original post by 3lg--ox)
    Hey am doing children's nursing starting in September xx

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    Hi I'm doing Adult, where are you living?
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    Hey guys am living at 52 Auckland ave so please message me xx

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    Alright well your not too far away from me. I'm living at Taylor Court. Dead nervous for the big move! lol.
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    (Original post by RLP123)
    Hi I'm doing Adult, where are you living?
    Living at 52 Auckland ave u?? Xx

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    Brough House at Taylor Court. Are you getting excited now? xx
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    I'm starting adult nursing course this year at hull I already live in Hull but still a bit nervous and excited
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    I'm starting Adult Nursing too, I'm getting nervous now! Just 2 more days!
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    Yepp Thought I'd see if anyone else is also doing adult nursing before I go


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Updated: September 18, 2012
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