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TSR Summer 2012 Football Manager Network Game Official Thread

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Competition: win a karting session for you and seven mates! 24-07-2015
  • View Poll Results: Which league would you like to play in the network game?
    English Premier League
    German Bundesliga
    Spanish Liga BBVA
    Italian Serie A
    Brazilian Premier League
    French Ligue Un
    Russian Premier Division (For the :lol: s)
    Other (Please State)

  1. Offline

    (Original post by Mastermind`)
    Just gonna quote some legends from last year for you to see if they'd be interested in playing again :
    I can't make it this year, sorry :sad:

    Seriously guys, English Prem in first place? :naughty:
  2. Offline

    Put Premier League but wouldn't mind Serie A or Bundesliga. Spain would only really be plausible if El Clasico was taken out imo.
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    Guys, rather than you all send me your MSN addresses, here's mine:

    [email protected]

    MSN chat at five.
  4. Offline


    Just added you friend. Cya at 5
  5. Offline

    German League is actually quality, especially Dortmund :sogood:
  6. Offline

    Guys, I'll be a bit late - I'm just eating dinner. Let's say 5:15. My sincere apologies.
  7. Offline

    [email protected] for me
  8. Offline

    Has the chat still not started? :confused:
  9. Offline

    It's starting now...
  10. Offline

    (Original post by KingMessi)
    It's starting now...
  11. Offline

    (Original post by Welsh Leprecaun)
    Yes. [email protected]
  12. Offline

    Accept me
  13. Offline

    Chat's going on now guys, add me at [email protected] and I'll add you to the chat.
  14. Offline

    (Original post by Welsh Leprecaun)
    You in?
  15. Offline

    (Original post by Welsh Leprecaun)
    Mine just came in the post but going to need a day or two to get back into it. When is this thing starting?
    We'll start 2nd July.
  16. Offline

    I'm not in the chat...
  17. Offline

    I'd like to, but I can't do 4 hours Sun-Thurs... How about 4 hours Fri-Sun?
  18. Offline

    (Original post by mevidek)
    I'd like to, but I can't do 4 hours Sun-Thurs... How about 4 hours Fri-Sun?
    Join the chat!
  19. Offline

    (Original post by Colbert)
    I've just noticed my name in the signup list. I want to play but keep me 20th in the queue as I don't want to take the place of someone who can make it every night as I absolutely cannot attend regularly.

    Perhaps a timeshare agreement with Mess. could be arranged :awesome:

    (Original post by Angry cucumber)
    Even though I'm not in... it would be worth going for a league that isn't completely dominated by one or two clubs.... like the La Liga or the Prem League.

    Whoever goes as Man City for instance, will be able to absolutely trash anyone by spending monstrous money on players, building pretty much a legion of 4* players. Yes good management should mean that you can give, said massive spender a good game, but it would be pretty hard for someone as Wigan or Bolton to compete long term.

    Just a thought :cool:

    (Original post by Point!)
    I'll put my name down for this, I should be there for 80%+ of the nights, the first few weeks might be a bit shaky for me though.

    I agree with the post above though, avoiding La Liga/Prem for something a little more open would improve things in my eyes.

    (Original post by JoeK)
    German league is the most balanced, I would say, if you want to maintain a certain level of quality. All of them have a good stadium too.

    (Original post by Entrepreneur123)
    I'd love to be involved. I'll pm you my msn details

    (Original post by Alofleicester)
    I'm in (probably) - on holiday end of July (going to Scotland in an attempt to avoid the Olympics), but other than that I'm free.

    (Original post by Champagne Supernova)
    In fairness, that is covered by it's own bullet point and capital letters in the OP.

    (Original post by Michaelking)
    Accept me

    (Original post by Welsh Leprecaun)

    (Original post by boumavilla)
    Has the chat still not started? :confused:

    (Original post by Kruz)
    German League is actually quality, especially Dortmund :sogood:

    (Original post by The Baron)
    Just added you friend. Cya at 5
    Right guys, the chat has been rather quiet, which is most probably my fault for being badly organised. Here's what I thought:

    -We start Monday 2nd July.
    -Everyone needs Hamachi.

    -I'll holiday two seasons regardless of which league we choose.
    -Right now the EPL seems the favorite.
    -However, to vote, PM me your preferred league and on Saturday 30th June I'll announce the chosen league.
    -Regarding teams, I'll allocate each team in the chosen league a random number between, for example, one and twenty. Each person chooses a number for their team.
    -We'll play Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights unless there are any majority objections.

    PM me ASAP.

    (Original post by checkolad)
    I'll play, just PM me cos I'm forgetful
  20. Offline

    (Original post by boumavilla)
    Join the chat!
    I don't use hotmail :/


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Updated: September 28, 2012
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