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Do you have particular goals/aims for this summer??

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    I hope to improve my french. I have no real way of measuring any progress I make, mostly I would just like to feel more confident and have better grasp of grammar and verbs, etc. This is so I feel confident enough about doing the French 4 course at my University.
    My aim is to gain CEFR B2 in French as a future aim

    What about everyone else?
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    to read 5 books, get a job, join the gym, pick up tennis, get a job, learn a launguage and get a job!!
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    What language had you got in mind. I would like to read a few books too.
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    To find a job
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    Hey guys,

    I'm massively into goal setting and do bits of 1 to 1 coaching with a focus on that.

    I follow the whole Smart goal setting system:

    Realistic (although my long term goals are seen as being unrealistic to most!)
    Time constrained

    I've got alot of goals for the summer.

    My main one is too fully set up the two business's I've been working on.
    Both have business plans/clients, but I need my webiste to be finished, and both to be generating an income (or at least have income streams readily available).

    My other one is to hit 12.5 stone and 8% bodyfat, i.e be slightly ripped.

    Both are by end of August .

    If anyone wants tips achieving things, pm me
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    I'm really hoping I get into my firm . I'll be extremely disappointed if I don't get it although my insurance doesn't look too bad I'm not too sure about the course but it seems ok.

    I want to go gym 5 days a week. I stopped going 2 months ago so I could study.
    I've a lot of shows to catch up with I gave most of them up to study I've barely looked at tv all year apart from Eastenders.

    Start swimming again .

    And not try and predict any of my results just wait and see.
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    Start going gym again, save money up, cut down on smoking weed, stop smoking weed (unless for special occasions), get a new job and not throw up by drinking alcohol..
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    catch up on missed daytime tv.
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    Work full-time for a charity
    And sleep a lot
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    Get trim for the ladies
    Wouldn't mind going on a road trip either, that would be madness!
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    I think I'm gonna start swimming again, maybe build a guitar.
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    Not sure whether to ask for extra hours where I work now, or get a summer job somewhere else and do the same hours I do now for the sake of having a variety.
    (Currently only do Saturdays at an Opticians)
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    Finish my steam backlog


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Updated: June 18, 2012
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