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Law in space?

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    Hi all,

    I've been wondering... Is there some kind of set intergalactic law system for space?
    In other words, if for example, the US discovers a reachable habitable planet alike to Earth, who would get first dibs as to invading/claiming that planet?
    Would the US own the planet? Would it be a world shared planet? etc
    and what happens if we discover life forms on other planets? Who gets to talk to them? etc
    and finally, does law even apply in space? Seeing as no one 'owns' space, if you were to commit a murder in space then whose court/legal system would you be prosecuted under?
    I know this is all very abstract, but I was just wondering if there are any laws etc in place for this kind of thing? Or just for space in general?
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    I would think it would be the top mathematicians and/or scientists that would communicate first as language would be lost in translation I'm sure.
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    I'm pretty sure the internationally agreed law of "dibs" applies.
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    I hereby claim all the unclaimed territories that are known and unknown in existence.

    So I'm going to dictate the laws. PM me for questions.
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    (Original post by Andy_J)
    I'm pretty sure the internationally agreed law of "dibs" applies.
    It's how we got Australia. Seems legit.


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