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In love with my best friend...

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    Never used to have feelings like this for them, but I had a dream about being with them a couple of months ago and haven't felt the same way since. We're such close friends and we do everything together, but I feel like I'm falling in love with her.

    We spend so much time together, trust each other with everything; a lot of people think that we're seeing each other (I wish).

    I'm just worried that if I tell her how I feel, or try to take things further; that it would ruin our friendship. Has anybody else ever been in this situation?
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    P.S. I'm a guy, she's a girl.
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    i cant say i have but just let her know how you feel talk it all out
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    have you ever flirted with her before? how did she react?
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    (Original post by Zoombini)
    have you ever flirted with her before? how did she react?
    I agree, do you like her because of her, or because how awesome your time together is?

    If you're truly interested in her then try it and see what happens; you will regret it less than never mustering the courage and always wondering what could have been.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    If you're truly interested in her then try it and see what happens; you will regret it less than never mustering the courage and always wondering what could have been.

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    Oh man the number of times i have been in this situation.

    All i can say is OP just tell them how you feel, you WILL regret it knowing that you never got an answer. Who knows she could also be waiting for you to ask her/bring up the topic. Play it cool and just randomly ask her "How would you feel if we were together, would you be weirded out by it?" if she replies with "Yes, i wouldnt really mind us being together" then you could just tell her. If she says otherwise then just leave it, i have told all my best friends which i liked...that i had feelings for them, unfortunately none had them back lolol XD. However at least i know what the answer was, ALSO my friendships with them have NOT been ruined.

    Give it a go buddy you wont regret it.
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    How does she react to you, do you think that she likes you more than a best friend too?

    I know from personal experience, that sometimes when two best friends get serious, it ruins the relationship as a opposed to making it better.

    But if she likes you more than a friend, and so do you, I reaaaally think you should give it a shot
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    Sorry to slightly deviate (though it may help you) but how would you define the difference between being best friends and being in a very close (non sexual dating) relationship?

    Perhaps you are confusing the boundary between the two ?
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    Well if/when you break up, your relationship with her will be awkward with her and you two may not go back to how you were. I have experience, I went out with one of my good girl mates, it was all rosy at the start then when we broke up it was soo awkward we didn't talk as often, even when we did it'd be small talk. But now things are getting better with her.
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    Do you have other friends?

    If yes, make a move.

    If not, consider it more carefully.
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    hmmm well this is a tough one because the wrong move might seriouly affect your friendship, do you think she'll like you the same way? you only live once remember
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    I'd say go for it, but be cautious about it.

    I'm in the same position with a guy who is also my best friend. I have had dreams too (how weird) and have thought differently since.
    (How I wish you were him LOL) But yeh, I'm not too sure what to do.
    I don't really think he feels anything towards me to be honest...

    But if you want to, just be honest with them. If she feels the same, go for it :-)
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    If you're female and he's straight, go for it. He'd probably be quite chuffed. It's probably one of the situations where it's better for the girl to make the first move.
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    Just try it, if you don't you'll only regret it


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