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Possible to get rid of a dog for 1 yr?

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    I am not going to be able to keep it once I graduate for personal reasons. Would it be okay if I got rid of it once I graduate?
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    'got rid of it', no. Find a loving new home for him/her, yes.
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    just take it to the rspca or similar if you cannot look after it, else find it a home with someone else.. bear in mind that you will not be able to get the dog back.. unless you have a good friend/family member who can look after it.. but i dont think its fair on the dog to keep changing owners.. if it was me id give it up as sad as it may be..
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    Sorry but if you don't mind me asking, why can't you keep it? Can't you try to keep it at least? It's so unfair on an animal to just chuck it around all over the place. I strongly recommend you find a trusted family member/friend to look after it - although the RSPCA are there for homeless animals, they are not rich and full of resources. Also, they can be quite distressing for a lot of dogs - I got my dog from there and she has always had a very strong, confident personality, but even she was petrified in there. They are surrounded by other dogs in caged-in areas, and although they get walks and human attention,it's not ideal for them.. so please only leave your dog there if it is the final option you have.
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    A dog is for life not just for christmas...

    If you gave the dog to a home you likely wouldn't be able to get it back, as well as it not being fair on the dog. You may have to plead with a family member to look after it for the year, but you would have to think about them having to walk it daily and the costs of dog food...

    Could you definitely not keep it?
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    I don't mean to be rude but can I ask whether something has come up suddenly or did you not foresee the situation at the time you got your dog?

    Dogs are wonderfully faithful creatures who get extremely attached to you. It's very hard on them but if you are gonna give it up better now than later. It'd be better if you found a nice home for it than give it up to shelter.
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    OK, you're referring to your dog as "it", and want to "get rid"... To be honest I think you should try to find a loving home for life.
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    It takes quite a long time for dogs to become fully attached and comfortable with owners and passing them to different people isn't fair to him/her. Although it'll be hard offering him/her to someone who can take care of it full time is more fair to the dog itself.
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    (Original post by flora_4lyfe)
    I am not going to be able to keep it once I graduate for personal reasons. Would it be okay if I got rid of it once I graduate?
    Don't mean to be rude but "got rid of it"? I mean he/she has been with you for a year. You should find your dog a nice home if you really can't take care of him/her any more.
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    You really need to make the effort to ensure your dog is going to be cared for and loved.

    It's been mentioned above that dogs become extremely attached to their owners, and he/she will wonder what he did wrong if you give him/her away. If you have no other choice, then so be it, but please ensure your dog will go to a loving new owner, or the RSPCA as a LAST resort.
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    Freeze it in a block of ice and when one year passes by, you can melt it and let it thaw. It will be good as new.
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    (Original post by pbsjohnz)
    Freeze it in a block of ice and when one year passes by, you can melt it and let it thaw. It will be good as new.
    OP will probably take this seriously.
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    (Original post by PapaShmurff)
    OP will probably take this seriously.
    OP is banned from TSR lol


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Updated: June 19, 2012
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