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Slavery in Islam

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    (Original post by Some random guy)
    Idiot, you're the one who has their facts horribly wrong. Any Muslim that's studied their religion can tell you that. And Muslims were slave trading far longer than Americans and didnt stop till the 20th century.

    Don't insult me when you can't be bothered to look things up.
    They also enslaved the whole of Southern Europe. Notice how that is made absolute from your school text books.
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    (Original post by notsure)
    You're obviously making this up as the prophet (pbuh) in fact made sure that slavery was one of the first things to be extinguished in Islam! We are so against that! How could you say such a thing when it was Christians in america which used black people as slaved not so long ago!

    Get your facts right you hooligan!
    Americans also died for freedom not so long ago.
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    (Original post by JoeBiden)
    Islam is still involved in slavery. saying it ' can't be compared ' to other froms of slavery is just typical of you.

    Islam was enslaving a long time before Christianity was. still are - Look at Sudan.
    i did not say Islam does not involve slaving at all! I said that Islam teaches us, if we have slaves, to be nicer to our slaves and take protection of them and treat them like our brothers! By cant be compared i meant, there are empires or colonies that have enslaved people and tortured them, beaten them up, kept them in the worse of conditions, Islam does not allow us to do so. For those who call themselves muslims and still treat slaves in such bad ways, for I myself stand against them, because they are not following religion, they are not following what Islam has taught them, and most of all....keeping religion aside they are worse of individuals.
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    (Original post by Rat_Bag)
    Don't mind me, I was just being flippant.

    But in seriousness, this guy hates Shia Islam, and there is no polite way of asking whether he is a Shia Muslim, in the same way there is no polite way of asking whether his mother's occupation is rooted in vice. It's insulting even to ask, because by asking, you are insinuating that it could be true.
    I did not know that he hates Shi'ism. It still is a belief and association with it is not a vice. Thus he really should not feel insulted by this question. If he does, its bigotry.

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    (Original post by The Owl of Minerva)
    I did not know that he hates Shi'ism. It still is a belief and association with it is not a vice.
    Having your beliefs associated with Shiism is going to be seen as vice, because Shiism is seen as so awful in his world. Indeed, from his point of view, Shiism may be seen as a huge supporter of vice, in the form of temporary marriage as permitted by Shia mullahs.

    (Original post by The Owl of Minerva)
    Thus he really should not feel insulted by this question. If he does, its bigotry.
    Oh, he just hates the belief of Shiism, not the people (just like Gert Wilders), so of course he's not bigoted at all.


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Updated: June 22, 2012
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