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Which of these womens bodies do you prefer?

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  • View Poll Results: Which of these womens bodies do you prefer?

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    which out of these womens bodies do you prefer:


    answer the poll!

    1 = far left
    2 = second from left
    3 = second from right
    4 = far right
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    You can't really tell; the middle two are sitting down, and to be honest they all look the same apart from the far left who is a little larger, but she's by far the prettiest.
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    This is biased, you can't see the middle 2 as well as the others.
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    1. Those hips don't lie.
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    What exactly are you trying to demonstrate via this poll?
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    Those dogs have better bodies than all of them sluts.

    PS- I bet one of them has a penis, am I right?
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    This is difficult as the middle two look very similar, but I plumped for number three.
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    The dog looks nice. It's adorable.

    In regards to ghe women I'm not really sure.
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    well 2 of them are sitting down so i can't tell about them so i'll pretent they aren't there..

    far right
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    No. 3 has an awkward tan line across her boobs.
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    3 has the best tits
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    (Original post by don_lad_)
    3 has the best tits
    (another reason why this pic is unfair because 3 is wearing push up bra the others are wearing normal bras)
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    Number 1 is sucking in!!
    you cant be that fat and still have a flat stomach..
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    (Original post by Bellissima)
    (another reason why this pic is unfair because 3 is wearing push up bra the others are wearing normal bras)
    thank goodness you were here to help me out. we've all been fooled by this dirty trick before. god bless you
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    would bang all
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    4 looks like she's got the best boobs, so I voted for her.
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    2 or 4
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    1. She can search for my needle in that haystack :sexface:
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    (Original post by Tullia)
    You ain't seeing that in the dark!
    If you were having sex with any of these women I would think it a gross indecency to do it in the dark!
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    (Original post by Nistar)
    She's not fat. Maybe she only seems that way in comparison to the three sticks next to her.
    No it's because she's fat


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Updated: June 21, 2012
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