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Which of these womens bodies do you prefer?

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    All of them... On top of me... In the reverse cowgirl position... while I smack that ass.
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    (Original post by OG-Ashley)
    It's true, she's not even fat she's curvy. Curvy>skinny
    Lool where's the curves, if she was skinny she would have bee stings and a pancake backoff so it don't count
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    Can guarantee anyone that says the one on the far right will be slagged off :rolleyes: It's always the same with these bull**** polls, everyone is expected to prefer the bigger one, and anyone who says otherwise is slated.
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    (Original post by Nistar)
    She's not fat. Maybe she only seems that way in comparison to the three sticks next to her.
    Yep of course, the slim women are sticks :rolleyes:
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    It is hard to say because the two girls in the middle are sitting down, the one on the far left in the pic is on the chubby side but looks wise she is the better looking out of the four girls, the girl on the far right has an ok body but I personally think that if she put on slightly more weight then her body would look better
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    This is SO hard cos they are all GORGEOUS STUNNERS (Faces, bodies, hair the lot </jealous>)
    BUT...gotta pick one so i would say 1 as she has a figure i would KILL for literally, i would love to be curvy but not fat like that *drools*

    and the dog is gorgeous too
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    I don't know but number 3 need to go for a bra fitting, she has serious under boob.
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    Number 3 - shes got the best curves in my opinion, although her body is really similar to nmber 4
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    I would say number 4 but what is up with that smile.... It's freaky. And the smile is part of the body so no no no. Number 2.

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    They're all right porkers.
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    I like a good busty bar wench me
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    1 by default
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    (Original post by Nistar)
    You can't really tell; the middle two are sitting down, and to be honest they all look the same apart from the far left who is a little larger, but she's by far the prettiest.
    This, with them sitting down its impossible to judge, 2 3 and 4 look like they could have very similar bodies (probably more my type). Number 1 is curvier but has got a lovely figure and for me the prettiest face.

    Not sure on womens sizes, is 1 a size 12/14, 2,3,4 sizes 8/10? Am I close?

    Anyway all the girls look healthy and great. But they have to have nice personalities too!


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