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OCR A2 exam...Paradise Lost/Faustus/Twelfth Night

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    is anybody else doing these texts? any idea of what might come up?
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    You can't knowingly accurately predict what exactly, but there are recurring themes.

    For the Shakespeare Section A, you have a choice of two questions, you must do 1. The two questions are always 1) Character-based, e.g. Orsino and 2) Thematic, e.g. the concept of deception.

    For the comparative texts, Milton and Marlowe, there is a choice of 6 questions and you must do one. The questions will revolve around key themes in the texts, deception/sin/religion/ambition/pride/vanity/power.

    Remember that literary criticism and contextual background are also key for some marks.
    You should use about 5/6 different critics' ideas for the Shakespeare and a small amount of contextual acknowledgment; for the comparative texts you only need about 2/3 critics but much more contextual analysis, e.g. how Satan's ambition can be paralelled with Milton's ambition to create a Great work of literature (he pondered several possible topics, such as Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table), while Marlowe was an atheist, probably. Incorporate these into your analysis of the text. Do not under any circumstances just dump them in a separate paragraph.

    Obviously the most important thing is familiarity with the text and a grasp of quotations. Make a quotation spine listing the most important quotations in chronological order for the texts!

    Of course also make sure you stick to timing ridigly. 1 hour for both question / 2 hours.

    Good Luck!


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Updated: June 18, 2012
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