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Courses of International Relations - please, help!

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    Hello everybody,

    I am currently deciding for which undergraduate course to aply for the following year in continental Europe.
    I've pre-selected four universities which somehow cought my eye. Does anybody have any experience with these courses/universities? Thank you all in advance!

    University of Groningen - International Relations and International Organization
    University of Leiden - International Studies
    Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations - Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
    International University of Geneva - International Relations
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    Yes, I applied to Groningen University for IRIO. I had everything perfectly planned out--until I didn't get in because of the lottery. I think about 800 people or so apply and only 240 get in.

    But I talked to a girl at my current university who studied exactly that for a year before she switched. She hated it, because the university is really impersonal and doesn't care about students at all. I'm not saying it was bad but that is her experience..make of it what you will !! (Could be really awesome for some people though!)

    Leiden is definitely a good choice though. International studies is a bit more cultural and less about political science.

    The other ones in Switzerland I don't know but I wouldn't study in Switzerland because of costs and it's probably nigh impossible to get into.

    Otherwise, I just have to say I was very disappointed because hardly any public university offers IR in Europe. I think there is the Jagiellonian in Poland? Or some other uni in Poland...check it out.

    You might be interested in European studies though. It's not exactly the same but you do have a lot of political science (but of course focused more on Europe than international stuff) and you do have some IR courses. And you can always do an MA in IR later! It is offered by Maastricht University, U Twente and the Hague University of Applied Sciences.


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Updated: October 17, 2012
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