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Hello is this just for students? Fancy a kick about :)

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    Hello my name is Lennie i live on the outskirts of London and I'm just wondering if I have to be a student at the moment to be on this site

    What I mean is I had one year at college go an IT & Business BTEC, instead of doing a course next year I decided to look for a job and now have an internship up central London.

    To be honest I came on here wondering if i could make some mates to have a kick about with or just go out and socialise because i just moved up here from my mums down in Bournemouth and only have family here.

    Awaiting your reply cheers
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR! There's definitely no need to be a student to be a member here - we have quite a significant number of members who aren't.

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    Ah cool well then I'm an all around sports fan (anything england play ill watch)
    I'm a decent defender (football right back)
    Can play tennis (average at best)
    Have an Xbox
    Caucasion british geeza (Cockney) (Not racist have mates and family of most races haha)
    live in essex near loughton
    don't like to lose at anything so if i do, i just practice hard so i can come back and do better
    can drive (shame it's a ford KA tho)


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Updated: June 18, 2012
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