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Stretch Marks

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    Anon please

    I have stretch marks on my torso, not big necessarily and there is only 1-2 of them on each side.

    I have had a period of pretty steady growth so is that it? I havent really put on that much weight.

    They are not a pain but just arent nice to get out - would anybody have anyway to help to get rid of them or am I just going to have to wait them out
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    Stretch Marks come from a variety of reasons, but usually either very fast growth
    or weight gain or loss,
    I have stretch marks as i recently lost a lot of weight very quickly, and usually you just gorw them out or they fade, but at times they can remain on your body for quite a long time
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    They fade with time, but bio oil can really help. (It's not cheap, but it works)
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    Bio oil does work, palmers cocoa butter also works and is cheaper.

    I agree, bio oil will work. However, you do need to apply it to the affect area twice a day and it can take up to 3months for the marks to disappear depending on how bad they are. Eventhough it is expensive, not much is required when applying it and i would say, it's better to buy something that you know would work instead of wasting money on something that claims to work.


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Updated: June 19, 2012
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