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Who create the creator ?

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    Hello everyone !!

    I want to know any arguments or ideas about this issue .
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    You assume there's creator?
    That assumption is not necessary at all
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    if u say there is something that created the creator then you could carry on and say something created the thing that created the creator. so this could carry on forever
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    Tyler the creator ?

    His mum and dad created him
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    The idea that there is a creator is based on the design arguement and that therefore must be a creator, and everything that is complex is just proof that there must be a creator. The design arguement to me just seems as a complete paradox. If everything that is complex must by definition have a designer/creator, then the complexity of the designer of this must be huge thus he must have a designer, and on and on to infinity.

    The whole of your question relies on there definitely being a creator which brings in the above flaw everytime, to me it is the largest problem with the idea of god, if he had to design us then he must have been designed, ect, ect.
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    Chicken egg argument

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    A religious person would refer to the Cosmological argument which states God is the first cause. They'd refer to the domino effect, implying God is the force which caused the first domino to fall.

    Ideas vary depending on faiths and beliefs.
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    We created the creator.
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    It looks as though you're discussing the implications of theism, not its truth: assuming there is a creator, the standard theistic response to your question is to claim that the creator is a necessary being, i.e. it contains within itself the reason for its existence so requires no exteranal cause.
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    Just going to point out your title is grammatically wrong. You could have "Who created the creator?" or even "Who creates the creator?" if it's an ongoing creation, but your title is just wrong.
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    How can universe just appear out of nothing. Surely, God made it...

    Well who made God then?

    God didn't need to be made...
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    The Creator wasn't created. This "Creator" isn't a physical being, he's not within the universe. He didn't need to be created. He just is and was and always will be.

    ....Not that I believe in a creator. I just like arguing meaningless points.
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    IMO it's more likely a "what" than a "who" (hypothetically assuming that there is a creator of course)
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    Yeah, I agree, but I feel odd referring to what I'd imagine to be a supremely intelligent being as simply "it". Although I suppose referring to this creator fella in human terms is sort of a degradation of importance too. Hmmm.

    Maybe we should just give this hypothetical super being a name and refer to it by that. How about Bob? Let's ignore the male gender implicated by that name and assume that Bob is a higher being, genderless, formless, and more or less non-existent. That is to say, Bob doesn't exist in the same way that we know the universe to exist. You can't see Bob or touch Bob, for example. If that is the case, why would Bob need to be created? Bob doesn't exist in a material state, so Bob didn't need to be made to exist- he wasn't created.
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    So, in schools, they teach the cause and effect theory. This states that everything that has ever existed or occurred has been created by god or linked back to god, but if you apply the big bang theory to this cause and effect most Christians would say 'Well what came before the big bang?' And at that point most people wouldn't answer. Then we apply god to this theory and people would say 'What came before god?' Then Christians would answer 'nothing' or 'since he is god he needs no creator, he is the creator' So why does there have to be something before the big bang?

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    The 2 arguments you could put across for this are that;

    a) There's an endless chain of Gods, each more powerful than the last, ad infinitum
    b) 'God/Creator' had no beginning, and is a constant presence.

    There are flaws in both arguments.
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    What caused the big bang?

    God exploded.
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    Refer to Bertrand Russel's destruction of the argument to first cause.
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    oh wait, wrong pointless argument.


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