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People judging me for bursury?

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    If I were to get a bursury (Wimb High\Putney High), would people there (fee-payers) treat me differently? From your experience.
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    if you care... don't tell people?
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    People would only know if you tell them?
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    Oh yeah I forgot.
    I don't want to lie though? Maybe I will. Hmm. Alright, thanks.
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    (Original post by nombo)
    Oh yeah I forgot.
    I don't want to lie though? Maybe I will. Hmm. Alright, thanks.
    And if they did judge you, then they're not worth speaking to.
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    dude, my school's full of posh twits, but i'm there on two scholarships and a bursary, sure there's a divide between the aloof ones who can get around on money but there's also people like me who have been given a place on merit and failing financial standards.

    You won't be judged as such, but if you are just be like...

    They see me rollin', they hatin'.
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    I don't know how posh this school is...

    at my school my friend was on a 50% bursary / enhanced scholarship and we just thought 'good for him' - I'm still impressed by it, as he got it through high marks in his entrance exam coupled with financial need.

    My cousin has got a lot more money than me and she goes to an even posher school. She insinuated that they discriminated against scholarship people... so presumably bursary too. I found that pretty appalling. So I wouldn't tell people if you're self conscious - if it was me on the other hand I'd just say **** anyone that saw it as a bad thing!
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    @bassingabout: Ha, totally!
    @fortrans: That's interesting. I am a little self-conscious although I shouldn't be. Thank you!


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Updated: June 18, 2012
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