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Sequin Dress!

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    Hi Everyone!
    I just needed some fashion advice please! I'm planning to go out soon in a gold sequin dress by TFNC.

    I'm not exactly sure what shoes to wear/how to accessorize it- so any tips would be much appreciated.

    I've attached a photo of the dress.

    Thank you in advance x
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    First of all... The dress is beautiful!

    You could wear any colour really, just stay away from metallics and shiny patent leather. You are best off opting for a neutral matt shade that will complement the dress. Perhaps cream or light coral/peach. I wouldnt go for strappy shoes either, maybe courts or peep-toes?

    As for accessories, no necklace because you'll take away the nice shape of the front. How about a thick chunky bracelet accompanied with a chunky ring.

    You cant go far wrong with a dress as nice as that

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    Maybe keep the accessories completely minimal and paint your nails a coral colour? Then also a similar colour on your lips?

    A matte black heel would look fine. Nothing shiny.
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    I hope you realise that these are a pain in the arse to dry clean.


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Updated: June 20, 2012
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