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Occupational Therapy at UEA

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    Anyone starting Occupational Therapy at UEA in September? I am and am looking forward to it! Has anyone started their NHS bursaries application as I'm still waiting to hear from them. Had my first hep b injection today, ouch!

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone starting OT at UEA!


    I am! Got my results and definitely going in September.

    UEA is such a great place and I can't wait to start. I'm waiting for the NHS bursary application too, they said that invitations will be sent out within the next few weeks Have you done all the other forms?
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    Well done! Yes UEA looks like a really lovely place. I've completed my CRB forms and just waiting for them to be sent to me now so I can sign them. Also done my OH form which my doctor has signed for £22!
    How about you? Have you sorted accommodation?

    Are you waiting for your results to come in August? Or have you got them too? Oh nice, it seems like you've done it all! Very organised!

    It cost you £22 just for your doctor to sign it?!? Bit unfair. I'm waiting for mine to sign it so I can send it off then start the Hep B course.
    I sure have done the accommodation form. Have you?
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    Haha! Yes i'm really eager to start. I've already got my results which means no nail biting over the summer! I've decided to go for private accommodation so still sorting somewhere to live in September.

    Bet you can't wait for your first Hep B injection! Do you know when our first placement is? Is it November?

    Same! I can't wait to start. That's alright then It'll be a chilled summer for me and you. Oh nice, is it expensive? Found other people to live with or are you on your own?

    Definitely can't wait to face the needle I'm not sure, its only a 2 week placement isn't it? On the website it says the placement dates are January and June for the first year


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