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Has anyone got Netflix?

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    Ive just started the 1 month free trial.

    For those that dont know its £5.99 a month to be able to stream films when you want and an unlimited amount.

    The only drawback is there is fairly limited options in comparison to LoveFilm- however, in my opinion there is a lot to watch and enough variety. It is also good value and you can cancel at any time- you dont have to do it for a minimum amount of time.

    My family have been using it at home and they say its really good.

    Is anyone else using it? If not, if you like films/tv series then you should go and check out the free month trial
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    netflix is the worst piece of **** my brother ever paid for lol

    it has a smaller collection of crap movies than youtube, the stuff on their is so bad that youtube probably even has better

    havent you ever heard of google, you can pretty much stream any movie or tv show you want for free on websites like this: http://www.watchfreemovies.ch/watch-movies/

    all of the links they provide are valid though I would recommend using ad-block

    there is probably literally 100x more movies / tv shows on this site than netflix
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    Netflix is okay but like you said, the selection of movies and tv series is not as good as Lovefilm (but still much better than Lovefilm Instant). I got the free trial but decided not to pay after that.
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    I have Canadian Netflix.

    Movie selection SUCKS due to legal issues. If you've heard of the movie - they probably don't have it.

    However it's good for watching TV shows!
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    well im enjoying it lol
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    signed up for the free trial the other day, it's a pile of ****e. The movie selection is just dire, so back to piracy it is for me.

    If someone could come up with a half decent streaming service that provides recent movies to watch, I will gladly pay a monthly fee. Until then, the movie/TV industry will not be receiving a great deal of my money.
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    I've had Netflix for a few months, and to be fair there's always something I want to watch, in fact the only time I watch TV is to have BBC Breakfast on in the background while I get ready for work.

    I realized the more you rate TV/film the more suggestions you have. I use it through PS3, after logging on - on my laptop, and going through (a long, tedious, but worthwhile) genre selection and rating process, managed to tailor the content available.


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Updated: June 25, 2012
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