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Villiers Park - English Language

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    I've handed in my form etc, so I might be going this December.

    Anyone been on this course who knows what its like? Five days is a long time for someone like me :rolleyes:
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    Hey!! I'm going on the English Language course this December, are you going?
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    (Original post by puppet_strings)
    Hey!! I'm going on the English Language course this December, are you going?
    Yes! I'm kinda looking forward to it, I'm quite a nervous sort of person though, how about you?? :rolleyes:
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    Which person are you on the list?! I'm Katie Dodsworth i'm trying very hard not to be nervous :P have you read the thing they asked us to read? And have you bought the books?
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    That's odd because you aren't on my list :P I'm Luke Wray. Am I on your list?!? I've got two of the books, the other should be making its way via amazon very soon. And yes, I've read the "thing"
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    Aha, yeah, they only sent the application forms to our college about two weeks ago so we applied very late. There are three coming from our college you are indeed on my list! do you mind if I add you on facebook? :P good! Did you enjoy the thing?
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    Well that may explain it then :P Three? We got told in our school that it was only one maximum from each haha! ok good and yes, thats fine, indeed ive already accepted you were quick! and the thing was...interesting
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    Yeah, I had to call them and beg for three places because we're all A* and we all want to do English at uni :P


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Updated: November 28, 2012
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