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What's your pre-exam ritual?

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    Cram then sleep
    go to school and socialise
    walk around the exam hall aimlessly
    then go in

    Cram the night before.
    Cram in the morning.
    Then in the morning I usually burst into tears and have to get comforted by a teacher.
    Then end up realising I've tried my best so what will be will be.

    I shout LEEEEEEEERRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYY YY JEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKKIII IIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSS S!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I run into the exam hall. Ofcourse, I am silent once I enter the exam room however.

    Eat a handful of raisins and pray for good results
    omg im so weird

    "oh crap I haven't revised!"

    (Original post by Rennit)
    I shout LEEEEEEEERRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYY YY JEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKKIII IIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSS S!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I run into the exam hall. Ofcourse, I am silent once I enter the exam room however.
    Dont wanna be breaching those pesky 'exam conditions!'

    Last minute revision on a topic I'm not 100% sure about the day before, then have a nice hot shower or a nice hot bath with some lush bath bombs before having an early night!

    Day of the exam, up early, have breakfast, do a little revision on the long bus ride into college. Get to college and grab a hot chocolate from Costa with my friends and all sit and chill before the exam. Oh also a last minute panic as I can never find my second pen!

    I pray

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    1. Last minute revision.
    2. Freak with friends.
    3. Be calmed down by friends.
    4. Gulp water.
    5. Breathe slowly.
    6. Sing a song.
    7. Pray

    Think 'why the feck did I pick this subject' (especially with AS maths last year) then panic when my friend does last minute cramming and mentions something I have no idea about. In exams where calculators are allowed I always turn it on and do 5x5 to check it's working! I dunno why, but I always do 5x5 :dontknow:

    Turning up to the exam hall over half an hour early to casually revise a bit more then spending about 10 minutes getting all my stuff ready ie my pen, my back-up pen, my back-up-back-up pen, my back-up-back-up-back-up pen and so on.

    Actually thinking about it I have quite an extensive ritual:

    1) I go to the loo 5mins before (mainly to be on my own for a bit) I wash my hands thoroughly.
    2) I slowly walk back psyching myself up "I'm ready" "let's do this" etc. I keep my fingers separate so as not to get hot.
    3) I walk in, hand in my phone, wish friends good luck and make a mental note of where I put my bag.
    4) Try to find my seat as quickly as possible, put my water bottle underneath.
    5) Take out my stationary (1 of each thing), nicely lay it out.
    6) I scribble to check my black pen works.
    7) Do 2+2 on my calculator, crap myself at this point if I get anything but 4.
    8) I write my name and details before being told too (one exam they gave us no time for this!) and always in lower case, have a complete mental block on doing upper case but haven't failed an exam for it yet!
    9) Take a swig of water.
    10) Blow on hands to keep cool.
    11) Turn over the page instantly to give myself maximum time and scan my eyes to the first question.
    12) Cry

    If its afternoon, i convince myself that i'm going about the morning as usual, which i'm really not but it works

    I panic and pace whilst reciting chunks of info.

    Eat something substantial
    Meet up with everyone
    Go in exam hall

    I touched an olympic torch before my last exam for good luck. :sexface:

    I have a green bear my dad brought back from Ireland, and an owl pin my mum has. I know lucky charms are a load of *******s but I like taking them anyway. I only took them in the first place because I had an English exam on Friday the 13th, just for a bit of silliness. Didn't take them for my maths exam, it was hands down the worst exam I have ever sat. Decided it wouldn't hurt to take a lucky charm or two. :lol: I think the main reason is that we all laugh at it before the exam, and laughing is always good to calm you down.

    I block out about 4 hours before my exams which I won't revise in. I find revising that last-minute doesn't really help and that actually, doing something to take my mind off the content, like going to a meeting, works even better

    Right before/during the exam I'll have a few pieces of fruit and some water, but that's about it!

    Get panicked, drink coffee, get a headache, go into hysterics, then sit down and do the exam.

    Get together a bottle of water, tissues, 4 pens, student card and memorize my candidate number, that's about it.

    The anxiety only really hits me when i'm sat in the exam about to turn the paper over and see the questions for the first time.


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