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Right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers, says study

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    I thought this was about football... -_-

    Don't judge me, look at the time.
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    (Original post by chrisawhitmore)
    I assume it is in a humanities subject, or you would understand how statistics work. That is like claiming that a study on poverty in Zimbabwe is a pile of crap because Mugabwe is extremely rich.
    I'm not sure it's humanities either (or Oxford, for that matter); Shirley's way with words is about as Oxonian as a pearly king/queen.
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    Yes, they're called the intellectual left. They're genius' on paper, but if you take their sterile and emotionless arguments to their full conclusions you realise that, given their way, we'd all be genderless clones living in Soviet Russia.
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    (Original post by Newbie123)
    I thought this was about football... -_-

    Don't judge me, look at the time.
    Haha I thought the same.

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    Why was it the labour party dumbed down the education system then?
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    (Original post by Unknown?)
    Why was it the labour party dumbed down the education system then?
    Labour currently is economically right, so if this study is true, then that may be some reason.

    However saying the education system is dumbed down is very subjective anyway.
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    Social-cultural and nationalist conservatives do seem to be less intelligent and this study backs that up or it seems to.
    However this has nothing do with the libertarian or free market ideology of economics rightism.
    Social conservatism exists in both main parties but particularly in lower income areas that are very Labour.
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    hahahahaha. Since when was anti-gay and racist views conservative? The conservatives are PRO gay marriage.

    What a load of ****, I'm pretty sure left-wingers are more likely to be less educated and more anti-gay and racist. Left-wing voters vote with their wallets because they want to be taken care of by the welfare state, not because they have some moral high ground in terms of seeing everyone as equal.


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Updated: June 24, 2012
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