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Was South Africa better off under the Apartheid?

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    i.e. when it wasn't South Africa :/
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    I sometimes wonder if the colonialisation did not go far enough. Instead of forging fully modern society the colonial elites were content to retain traditional social structure where it suited them..what suited them was a comfortable life and privilege.

    So we have ended with countries only half way to modernity with one foot still in a primitive past.
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    I have several friends from SA and their parents have unilaterally said that it was far better under apartheid, or at least for them anyway... They all left when it became apparent that you couldnt leave the house at night for fear of being gunned down in the street, there were a fair few horror stories although that being said that can quite easily be attributed back to apartheid aswell so hey ho...
    but it depends how you look at it, under apartheid SA did a lot better in terms of less corruption and it advanced far quicker than any other African nations. If you look at it from a humanitarean point of view though well it speaks for itself...


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Updated: June 20, 2012
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