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    Would it be possible to get accepted into Oxbridge for a maths undergrad degree with only an AS in Further Maths (grade a) alongside;
    Maths A*
    Physics A
    Economics A

    Just wondering if it's worth applying, thanks in advance...
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    Yes. Definitely.
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    Go look on their course requirements.

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my E15i
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    Thanks, had a look at cambridge's because that's where I want to go and they ask for A* A A. Further Maths highly desirable and looking at the stalking page everyone else has further maths. I think I'll be disadvantaged but I might take on some extra-cirriculum to improve my UCAS form.
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    (Original post by Cinglis95)
    but I might take on some extra-cirriculum to improve my UCAS form.
    Ensure that it's relevant to maths or it won't improve your application :nah:
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    Thanks, anybody know of any maths challenges coming up this summer or before Oxbridge application deadline? I'm doing a week at an accountancy firm as well.
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    Why aren't you continuing to A2 with Further Maths? Might that not look rather odd? Oxbridge won't be interested in extra-curricular stuff. If you look at some recent threads on the subject, everyone who was interviewed for maths said they were asked about nothing but maths problems.
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    Im taking AS Further Maths in my A2 year. I was ilinformed when I chose my subjects and it's backfired a little bit.


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