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Experiment: What grades do you predict for yourself?

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    A2 English Language & Literature - C
    A2 Drama & Theatre Studies - B
    A2 Psychology - B
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    A2 Maths - A*
    A2 Chemistry - A borderline A*
    A2 Physics - A borderline A*
    AS Further Maths - A (above 90%)

    Given that I've already checked my answers for the math modules I've done this session, I can be quite sure I'll get those grades.

    As for Chemistry, all I needed was a D in unit 5 to get an A but theirs a slim chance I may have scraped an A*. With Physics, I think I may be a couple of marks off an A*.
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    A2 Maths - A* (TBC)
    A2 Further Maths - A (TBC)
    A2 Economics - B (TBC)
    A2 General Studies - A (TBC)

    Maths I should get an A*
    Further Maths is borderline A/B
    Economics is borderline B/C
    General Studies I should get A

    Summer exams predictions:

    General Studies 3 - C (TBC)
    General Studies 4 - A (TBC)
    Econ 3 - B (TBC)
    Econ 4 - B (TBC)
    Maths C3 - A (TBC)
    Maths C4 - A (TBC)
    Maths FP3 - B (TBC)
    Maths S2 - A (TBC)
    Maths D1 - A (TBC)
    Maths D2 - A (TBC)
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    A2 Biology (OCR) - A (Achieved: A)
    A2 Religious Studies (OCR) - A (Achieved: A*)
    A2 Chemistry (OCR B) - B (Achieved: A)

    EDIT: Put in my actual grades
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    I'm such a pessimist about how my exams went so hopefully my grades won't be anything like this at all :lol:

    real grades in red

    AS Biology (Edexcel): C D
    AS Chemistry (Edexcel): C C
    AS Physics (Edexcel): B C
    AS Maths (OCR): C (purely because mechanics exam went so badly ) B
    AS Critical Thinking (OCR): B C

    Would love an A in physics or maths but it's not gonna happen

    So bloody disappointed. And why did my predicted grades get 2 negs?
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    A2 Business Studies A*/A (TBC)
    A2 Economics A (TBC)
    A2 Psychology B (TBC)
    Extended Project A (TBC)

    9 days to go

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    AS History (AQA) - A (A)
    AS Economics (WJEC) - A (C)
    AS Maths (AQA) - C (C)
    AS Chemistry (OCR A) - D/E (C)

    I'm already getting pretty nervous about results day. 9 days left.
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    (Original post by Umairy363)
    What exam board do you have for Further Mathematics?
    I'm with OCR for Further Maths, absolutely hated the FP2 paper.

    (Original post by With an Accent)
    I love your combination of A-Levels!
    Haha thanks, everything thinks it's really weird but I think they work really well together!
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    AS philosophy. B hopefully A
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    AS Maths - A / ?
    Core 1 - A / A
    Core 2 - A / ?
    Decision 1 - B / ?

    AS Further Maths - C / ?
    Further Pure 1 - B / E (Retaking in January, originally an E)
    Mechanics 1 - B / ?
    Statistics 1 - C / ?

    AS Chemistry - C / ?
    Chem 1 - B / ? (Retake, originally an E, retook in Summer and predicting a B)
    Chem 2 - C / ?
    Chem 3 - C / ?

    AS General Studies - A / ?
    Unit 1 - B / A
    Unit 2 - A / ?

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    A2 English Lit. - A
    A2 Economics - B
    AS Geography - B
    AS Chemistry - C

    Not gonna lie I'd be ecstatic with those considering what I applied to uni with at the end of AS.
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    Er, french-B, sociology-A, english language-B

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    A2 Law------------------- A*
    A2 Childcare------------- A*
    A2 Psychology------------B/C
    A2 Sociology------------- B/C
    A2 Philosophy and Ethics-- A
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    (Original post by With an Accent)
    I did this last year in one of my geeky spreadsheets! For some subjects they were really close! Languages not so much...
    I done a geeky spreadsheet this year for my SQA Highers
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    Chemistry - A
    Biology -B/A
    Psychology - A/A*
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    A2 Maths- A*/A
    A2 Physics- A
    A2 Biology- A/B
    A2 Chemistry- A (A* if examiners love me)
    A2 General studies- C/B/A who knows

    Medicine so need AAA

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    AS Portuguese (OCR) - A A
    AS Biology (OCR) - A A
    AS English Language (AQA) - B A
    AS Psychology (WJEC) - ? B (two marks off an A
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    AS Maths - A A
    AS Physics - A/B B
    AS Economics - A A 100 UMS! :eek:
    AS Psychology - B/C C
    AS General Studies - A A

    I was pretty accurate in my GCSE predictions. Am now going to make my own geeky little spreadsheet to see how I do for AS!

    Edit: Was quite accurate in my AS predictions too
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    I think minimum BBB unless I have reli flopped soooooo epically hard in one or more of my A2s. I prepared as much ad I cud to A standard
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    A2 Physics A
    A2 Maths B
    A2 chemistry B
    AS computing a


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