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Why are so many girls having this shaven 1 half of their head style?

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    I seen a few girls walking around with this new style of haircut. It's shaven on one half of their head, and then long hair on the opposite side of their head.

    Is this some new hairstyle that Rihanna has created? I think I remember seeing Rihanna or Nicki Minaj with these cuts.
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    skrillrex : (
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    She didn't create the cut, but she is a notable person who did it and therefore made it "acceptable" for the masses. She did the same with creepers too.

    Personally I love it on girls, but you have to have the right style and bone structure to match it otherwise it just looks badly thought out.
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    Yeah I think it's called an undercut, not sure Rihanna 'created' it though, Ellie Goulding's been rocking it for a while!
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    The same reason people had mullets in the 80's - it's popular for the time!
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    I don't know. What I do know is that if I chose to have only half a head of hair, I'd feel cold and stupid.
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    What like this
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cassie-06.jpg 
Views:	660 
Size:	159.1 KB 
ID:	158844

    Or this

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	crimbo6.jpg 
Views:	1282 
Size:	96.2 KB 
ID:	158845

    I think Ellie's looks nice and subtle, Cassie's is too much I wouldn't be brave enough to do half my head.
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    Its so ugly. eugh
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    (Original post by rural_boy)
    Yeah I think it's called an undercut, not sure Rihanna 'created' it though, Ellie Goulding's been rocking it for a while!
    Yeah it is called that, just looked it up and this is what appeared. This is it!
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    (Original post by TheEnigmaUK)
    Yeah it is called that, just looked it up and this is what appeared. This is it!
    Yeah it doesn't look particularly great on any of those girls!

    Though I think some girls can pull it off..
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    I started shaving the sides of my head when i was 14 (I'm 20 now) and its really annoying to see that so many girls shave theirs now...i guess it just got trendy after seeing that hairstyle in some celebrities but i hope this trend will be over soon :mad:
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    Nicki Minaj hasn't had that haircut.
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    I personally don't like it .. it looks unattractive =/
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    I don't think it's as popular as it was about a year/year and a half ago. It seems like less and less girls have it now, especially where I live.

    I think if a small area is shaved then it's ok but I saw someone who had clearly parted their hair down the middle and shaved one side completely off.
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    This girl in my year has just shaved half her hair. I think it suits somepeople but when its that weird stubble from just starting to grow back it look a bit...horrible. I've heard some people do it for fashion then regret it :') aha they'll have to wait a while for it to grow back.
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    (Original post by hamza7)
    I personally don't like it .. it looks unattractive =/
    I agree, I think if people like it on themselves then fair enough but I personally am not a fan

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    My theory is they tried to go short back and sides but chickened out a third of the way through.
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    The only place on a woman you want hair is the head please leave it girls!
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    It's a cute look. x) I considered it myself for a while and then figured it would be a pain when I wanted to change styles.

    I think G.E.M rocks it best:


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Updated: July 3, 2012
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