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Degree classification

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    Just wondering if anyone can help me out with how final degree marks/classifications are worked out,

    im just in the final stages of finishing my degree at Sheffield Hallam, just waiting on my results now!

    I know they take 25% from your second year marks and then the further 75% from your third year, or 100% of your third year if you have done better then

    but in terms of 2nd year results i have heard several rummers
    1.they take your four best modules from your 2nd year and use them as your 25%
    2. its the average of all 6 modules taken in 2nd year
    3. you drop your worst module from second year and then your worst from your third year

    does anyone know what the actual answer is?

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    Well in my uni, they drop your worst 20 credit module from the 2nd year and then do 25:75
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    It depends on the university so you should contact someone from yours to give you an answer, or if you were given a undergrad handbook in first year then refer to that.
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    On ShuSpace, there is all the information that you need in various pdfs in learning essentials.

    If your faculty is the same as mine (ACES) it is the average of your second year makes up your 25%.

    However there are different rules for different people. I.e some people can choose to do a level 6 module in year 2 (level 5) which means that module can be used in final year if you get a better grade in that than another of your level 6's.

    If generally you did all level 5 in year 2, it'll be the avearge of that makes up the 25%.


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Updated: June 21, 2012
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