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How hard is it to get a 1ST CLASS DEGREE

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    (Original post by .Scout.)
    I think it depends which subject aswell...I study an arts subject and I know that it can be pretty tough to get firsts.

    With essays there is always something else you can add, or it could be marked subjectively (which happends far too often...). There is also no 100% right answer. Lecturers within my dept are also so inconsistant when it comes to giving grades...I can get firsts with some lecturers yet scrape 2:1s with others.
    So true, I find that so frustrating.
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    (Original post by RobertWhite)
    It's definitely a harsher marking system and employers don't understand this. So if I went to another university where it might be easier to get a 1st they wouldn't understand by getting one at Soton that it was harder.
    For those graduating from my course this year a bell curve would have been a much more lenient marking system. There were plenty of people in the year who obviously deserved a 1st, but for some reason the standards seem to have been set far too high this time. The fact that five of the six 3 hour final exams were in the same week didn't help too much either.

    Thank god I have a 12 month placement to complete before I enter my final year. I may sound a bit arrogant and / or naive when I say this, but the thought of getting anything less than a 1st terrifies me
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    (Original post by Ben_Dover)
    Dude aim for at least a 2:1....things will get a lot more difficult with a 3rd, unless of course you got contacts. Dissertations are alot easier then people think to be honest...once you start and there's plenty of academic literature in that area, it should be easy to get at least a 2:1
    id love to get a better degree but i have to be realistic and for me at least i dont think a 2:1 is achievable.
    It doesnt matter though, im just going to try to have a good time.
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    I got a 2.1 in my undergraduate and a distinction in my MA. just work very hard.
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    Hey, i'll hopefully be studying a dual honors degree starting September, how does it work for that? Do i need a 1st for both or are the credits counted together straight away?


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Updated: June 23, 2012
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