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Going out with an older guy.

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    Hey, I'm a nineteen year old gay male, and I've been asked out for a drink by a thirty two year old. He seems like a friendly guy and we'll be in a public place. We met via Grindr (a gay mobile app) though, so I haven't seen him or met him in person yet. I've met one or two other guys that way though and while the experiences themselves weren't successful, that was because I just wasn't attracted to them in person, and not because they were creeps or anything like that.

    I know this isn't the ideal way of meeting guys, but I generally don't do the gay scene (my friends are all straight, so I'd be going into it alone and that isn't too fun), so I don't really have a lot of other options.

    I just want perspectives on whether or not you think it's a good idea. I've never been out with an older guy before (maximum has been about twenty-two). He's good looking and interesting, but is it worth going for it?
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    It's completely about what you feel comfortable with, I think if you really wanted to go for it make sure you bring someone with you. Just to make sure he doesn't try to like, abduct you or anything. The odds are really low but it's better to be safe then sorry. And your friend or whoever can just hang out in the background just to keep an eye on you. But remember that if you don't feel 100% sure then don't do it. I also think that age is just a number, the age difference isn't too terrible. It could be a lot worse, like 40. Hope this helps.
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    He is a pervert, don't do it.

    OMG just continued reading after the title.... :\


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