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Do you have to 'Sign out' of school?

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    After my last exam we were given sheets where we have to get all our teachers signature and then send it to our head of year. But i'm too lazy and cba to do it. It's not like they can do anything anyway?
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    When we still had some lessons, but not other, we were able to go home, but had to sign out so they knew who was in the building just in case a fire broke out etc.
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    Well when I was on study leave, which I no longer am since I've completed all my exams, we had to come through the main office and sign ourselves in and sign ourselves out, even after school which I found a bit annoying at times since the teachers decided that students are not allowed to go through the teachers entrance to get to the main office to sign on and so basically we had to get out of school from the PE department and then go down to the main entrance.
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    I got automatically signed out after every exam but i forgot runs when i stayed after the exam and nothing was said
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    Ok now people are saying that I wont get my GCSE's unless I sign out. Surely this can't be true?
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    (Original post by D4l3)
    Ok now people are saying that I wont get my GCSE's unless I sign out. Surely this can't be true?
    I don't think that's possible...I don't know if it's the same at your school but at my school the teachers register us whilst we're in the exam and when we're lining up.
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    And can I still enter collage?
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    Are you talking about signing out as in, going into school and out of school?

    Or are you talking about signing out as in, actually concluding your GCSE education?

    If it's the latter which I think it is, you definitely do. You get fined per day after the signing out day if you don't.
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    We had to do the same at GCSE, and people who didn't turned up on results day weren't allowed theirs until they went home and found the books they hadn't returned. Harsh but true.
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    (Original post by D4l3)
    Ok now people are saying that I wont get my GCSE's unless I sign out. Surely this can't be true?
    (Original post by D4l3)
    And can I still enter collage?
    Why don't you just do it and save yourself worrying about it?
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    What do the signatures tell the school? Is it that you've returned all the text books or something? If so, I think they would withold the results if you didn't get it signed. We didn't have such a system though; the only time we had to sign out was in 6th form when going home for free periods.
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    Schools say a lot of things, nothing will happen. As.for my school, they said UCAS wouldnt be sent if books werent returned (I know a guy who just returned a book who should've last year), or this year, you wont get your results back.

    Also, we were meant to sign out if we left school early, no one did.
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    yes we have to!
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    We got a sheet and had to get it signed by every teacher to say we'd returned all books if you don't you won't get your results until you've done it which can delay college enrollment and someone may get your place so just do it, not worth being lazy. Being lazy doesn't get you anywhere, and YES they can do it.
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    They have to by law otherwise they are responsible for what apnea outside the school and could face prosecution.
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    We had to hand in all our textbooks and get a sheet signed from all of our teachers :/. They threatened us with not getting our results if we didn't do as told! Not sure if they'd actually do that if anyone arrives on results day with textbooks.
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    I handed all my textbooks in but never signed out. They threatened us with not giving out our GCSE results in August if we didn't sign out, but no one listened It's a bit of an empty threat, really, as barely any of the staff gave a damn about it. All they wanted were the textbooks.

    (The one teacher I gave my sign-off sheet to told me to piss off; he had better things to do. I just shrugged and walked off to town :dontknow:)


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