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Law student and managing family life

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    I'm new to the forum will be studying foundation entry to law in sept at uclan I have a family hubby and two children at 8 and 7 will I manage or is it a recipe for disaster
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    I think it's going to depend on how well you can manage your time & family life
    - make sure that your husband is fairly competent in domestic matters - cooking dinner, and stopping the house from falling apart, and if possible teach your children some basic life skills like loading the washing up machine.
    - make sure that your children are in a good bedtime routine before you start uni, so you can reliably study when they are in bed.
    - make use of any time that you have between lectures & seminars to go and study in the library
    - investigate after-school clubs in case you have lectures / seminars that finish after they finish school.

    It's perfectly doable - you're far from the first person to do it, but time management will be the key


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Updated: June 22, 2012
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